We went to Santa’s house?

It was another sleepless trip. North Pole, AK Botanical Garden Chena Hot Springs (Ice Museum) Chena Hot Springs (The Room) Otw home     x Tep

A Sleepless Camping Trip

It was an experience like nothing else… at noon late afternoon at night a foggy morning   x Tep

Hiking at North Face

I guess one hike in a week isn’t the norm anymore. This is a journey to a 2.2 mile, steep and advanced trail a day after the Flattop Mountain hike. A 2.2 mile trail Compared to the Flattop mountain which has a trail of around 3.3 miles, the North Face seems to be more tiring….

Flattop Mountain

I’ve experienced my first hike in this mountain back in 2016 and thought that it will be my last. But after two years, I came back and this is what happened. Newbie Hiker As a newbie hiker, I think that the Flattop Mountain can test your ability to handle steep trails.   Hiking up the…

4th of July in Anchorage

Here’s a photo re-cap of the 4th of July celebration here in Anchorage, Alaska. WWII Soldier Statue   The Parade x Tep