Post-Graduation Realization

Before my college graduation, I already made a concrete plan of what I will do once I graduated. But little did I know that none of this will come true. At least not in that exact moment.

Planning ahead

I’ve always been a planner. When I was still in college, I would plan my classes way ahead of time. This act made me feel prepared for the upcoming year.

When I’m almost finishing up college, I started planning for what my future can be. I looked up jobs and applied to most of them. I also researched about different businesses that I can work on the side. I had this idea in my head that I would start a job towards my career even before I graduated.

End result

Little did I know that these plans wouldn’t happen. In fact, I ended up in the opposite direction of what I’m aiming for. First, I never got an interview before and after graduation. It took me 3 months to get an interview, but I ended up not getting the job. That alone made me not want to pursue the other things I planned. To be honest, I felt afraid during those times. I’m afraid that my education will come to waste and that I wouldn’t be able to achieve my plans sooner. Despite having the time of relaxation, I felt uneasy waking up. But one thing that amazes me is that I never lost hope.

Coping mechanism

During post college life, I accomplished the things that I always wanted to do. Since I just got out of college, I became used to having a lot of things to work on. That lead me to post more on this website. During those times, I practiced graphic design, did more video editing, read books, did tons of writing for weekly blog entries, learned about finances and I even got the chance to exercise everyday. I also had the luxury to travel with my family, which has become a tradition every year. This time, I didn’t have to worry about school work. I also enjoyed spending more time with my family, since my mind used to always stress about school.

I’m proud of myself for continuing to learn despite being out of school. I’m glad that the greatest learning I’ve earned is to enjoy the presence of curiosity and learning.

Now that I have acquired a job, I can definitely say that I feel more relaxed as I formed the habit of continuous learning. I honestly don’t think that I’ll continue writing here if I had a job right away. Now, I understand why people always say “Everyone has their own pace.”

After college, I realized that planning doesn’t equate to instant achievement. It takes a lot of patience, perseverance and motivation to get through what I want to achieve in life. As a planner, I never knew what to expect if something went out of the plan. But when I experienced it, I realized that there’s more to see than the plan in my hand. Not being on track for about 6 months has been a journey. Though I felt disappointed with the progress of my plans, I still continued to learn and enhance my hobbies like video editing and making content. I also gained the courage to exercise, and wake up at least before 8 am. The best part, traveling with my family without stressing out about school. Now, that I’m in the process of pursuing my plans, I never felt so happy for having those six months to do what I love.



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