Movie Review (first half of 2019)

I’ve already committed to myself that I will be watching a ton of movies in 2019. So here’s my review of all the Disney and Marvel movies (which I mainly watched in the theater) that I saw in a span of 7 months.

Captain Marvel

What a better way to start the year by watching a Marvel movie. Marvel Studios took a toll by releasing Avengers: Infinity War last year and garnered more fans because of it. Since then, their solo movies like Ant Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel, became an instant hit because of its connection to the Avengers Saga.

Fans have mixed emotions about Captain Marvel. Some liked it, some didn’t, some kinda do but the actress ruined it for them. I didn’t know Brie Larson before Captain Marvel, so my feelings about the movie is not biased. I personally liked it because they showcased how powerful this superhero is. I also liked the idea of going back in time and providing hints of how The Avengers started. I honestly thought she will have more to give during the fight scene in Avengers: Engame but I guess The Russo Brothers wants to concentrate more on the OG Avengers (which I loved btw). Overall, I enjoyed watching Captain Marvel because of the story, cinematography and its connection to the Avengers.

Avengers: Endgame

I don’t even know where to start. This movie is a dream come true for all the MCU fans. The storyline, the back story, the soundtrack, the sense of humor, the action, everything is just honed to perfection. I enjoyed it so much because I get to relate to everything that was shown. Some parts made sense as it connects to the other 21 movies, while the rest I have a lot of questions about. Those unanswered questions made me excited to watch the future MCU movies.

Even though some people didn’t watch all 21 movies, it is still an enjoyable journey for them that 3 hours of the film seemed short.

I’ve never been so attached to a movie besides this one and I’m still raving about it until now. I’m so excited to purchase the movie and watch it a bunch of times (I’ve already purchased it as I’m editing this and I’ve never been so happy).


To me, this is the best Disney live action movie rendition yet. I wasn’t a big fan of the cartoon version, but this live-action movie made me so into it. The casting embodies the characters perfectly, the change in some parts of the story made the movie more interesting to watch, and the songs are just phenomenal. Will Smith may have become a meme because of his role, but he still did a great job playing as the Genie and made the songs and scenes delightful to watch. Also, I can’t forget about Princess Jasmine’s solo. She’s so powerful!

Toy Story 4

To me, this is the saddest Toy Story movie. Not really my favorite, but the story reminds me of how the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ concluded. The details in this movie is on point. They focused a lot on the appearance and that attention was worth it. I’m kind of disappointed that the creators didn’t focus much on the OG characters. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful movie, definitely deeper than the first 3 and it provides a lesson to the viewers. Always love a Toy Story movie.

Spiderman: Far From Home

A great way to enter Phase 4 is by introducing a new possible lead. Spiderman: Far From Home provided me with mixed emotions. I felt sad because the movie happened after Endgame. In short, there’s a lot of Iron Man references. I felt happy because Marvel Studio’s trademark is to add humanness to the movie, and Spiderman and the characters made me laugh a lot. For some reason the first scene made me laugh even though they’re literally showing Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow. I felt amazed by how great of a villain Jake Gyllannhaal is and how they incorporated a modern power a villain can have. The whole feel of Spiderman (besides the fight scenes) felt light and free spirited which makes it so fun to watch.

The Lion King

The live-action is literally National Geographic in a musical. It is very similar to the original cartoon version, but this time it is funnier which is very in theme with movies nowadays. I knew it would be great because the original one is already great. I don’t know why I was expecting them to change it, but I think living it as it is the perfect way to put Lion King as a live-action movie. Loved the songs, the cinematography looks very real, and the humor is just enough to make a good movie.

What I am most excited about in 2019 are the movies. As I get across every movie that I’ve waited for a year, I can say that I loved each and everyone of them. They all met my expectations, and some even exceeded. Captain Marvel is a great way to hype the Endgame, the Avengers: Endgame finished Phase 3 with power and crave to see more, Aladdin fuels up the actual version, Toy Story 4 touched my heart deeply, Spiderman took a step up in the MCU movies and you just can’t go wrong with The Lion King. These movies made me feel all types of emotions, and they made me appreciate the art of cinemas more. Cheers to Disney and Marvel Studios!



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