how to save time on social media

Social media has taken over our everyday lives. It even has become an issue that involves taking too much of our time. But of course, most of us still continue to use it. This issue with social media helped me find ways to lessen our time searching, and more time looking at what inspires us on the web.


Last year, I decided to take my time and unfollow everyone and everything that doesn’t interest/value me anymore. I found that social media has become our storage room of memories and nostalgia, and sometimes, you just have to let go of the things that don’t spark joy. I realized that I have grown, and some people that I follow 5 years ago doesn’t interest me anymore.

So whenever you find yourself skipping someone’s post on Instagram or YouTube, start to unfollow them.

Doing this has saved my time scrolling through posts that don’t give me value.

YouTube Speed Button

I’ve known of the speed button, but I don’t know why I only decided to make good use out of it this month. Speeding up some of the videos I watch has really changed my YouTube game and I can’t stress enough how useful it is.

Most people on YouTube speak in a natural way, and sometimes it can be at a slow pace. So if you found a 20-minute talking video, the speed button will be your holy grail. Though I feel like I’m the only one who just started using it.

Recent History

With the new social media algorithm, our post recommendations can be changed in an instant.  So if you want to save time and see topics you’re really into at the moment, try to delete the unwanted posts and searches from your history page. On YouTube, for example, I discovered that whenever I leave my history as is, I would see recommendations from channels that I’ve checked out before. But because I don’t want to see those kinds of videos anymore, I would constantly scroll down until I find something that interests me.

Google also affects my ads. If for instance, I’m doing my school research, everything that is related to that research will appear on my social media (mostly YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram) ads for the past week or two. That makes me skip ads even though I want to support a channel. So I have now gotten the habit of deleting search and watch history that can affect my ads and recommendations.

Our everyday lives has been taken over by social media. Sometimes, we spend too much time on it and we don’t even notice the the time. But I found out that unfollowing people on social media, watching YouTube videos at a faster speed, and deleting search and watch history  can lessen our time spent scrolling through random posts and give more time on supporting posts that interest and adds value to us.



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