discoveries of a broke college student

Being a college student test your management skills. On top of balancing your grades, you are required to socialize (which I have given up btw), manage your finances, and look put together. Now that I’m out of college, I can confidently say that I have managed myself efficiently, and collected ways to survive school without breaking down. I want to share with you my tips on saving and effectively using money as a college student.


I’m so glad that I discovered the Shoptagr website as soon as I entered college.

I used to be those people who feel enjoyment in dressing up. I would scroll through different clothing websites and will always feel tempted to buy a cute top. But when I discovered Shoptagr (not sponsored), my clothing hoarder life has changed. Shoptagr is a website where you can save items from different websites and will update you once it’s on sale or back in stock. Yes, it sounds like a way to spend more money, but I changed the purpose of it. Basically, I use this website to save all the cute clothes I see, leave it there for a week or two, and come back to see if it is still cute. Let me tell you, I’ve only bought three items from the website in the last 2 years. Using the Shoptagr website has been effective to me because I started to feel appreciative of what I have, and save money at the same time. In fact, it has helped me become a minimalist and be creative with the clothes I currently own.


Poshmark has become my way to earn a few extra bucks and learn the world of small businesses. It helped me to see how a business work, what clothes to sell, how to prioritize customers and most of all, how to effectively use the money I earned. Though I could have grown the business by buying more clothes and selling it, I’ve decided to use the money to pay for my textbooks. Poshmark has also helped me on my minimalism journey as I get to sell the clothes that I don’t wear anymore and give them a better home. It is always an exciting experience whenever I sell on the app.


This is the holy grail of efficiently saving as a student. I used Amazon to sell gadgets, but most importantly, to rent textbooks instead of buying new/used ones. Amazon has almost every textbook that I needed during my first year in college, and I’m glad that I discovered it as soon as I started school. Rental fees are usually a fourth of the books original price, so renting is really worth it. I also soon realized that the professors don’t use the books that much, or if they do, they require you to write on a separate piece of paper for homework. I’m also not the type to write in my textbook as a student, so renting has worked very well for me. As I delved more into renting textbooks, I started to look for cheaper or free alternatives. That’s when I decided to rent from our library.

As a college student, I wanted to avoid spending money as much as possible. I must say, my financial management skills were truly tested. I am glad that throughout my college journey, I came upon websites that have changed the college game. When I discovered Shoptagr, I realized that I can live without buying new clothes every season. I also changed my way of living by only having things that are essential. Then I discovered Poshmark, where I experienced the business route and earned a few bucks to pay for my textbooks. Lastly, Amazon, where I learned to rent textbooks instead of buying them. I realized that there are a lot of ways to earn and save money if you’re really pushing for it. There really is no excuse for achieving your goal.



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