What to Pack in Your Carry-on Bag

When we’re in a long hour flight, all we want is to feel comfortable and assured. We want to be fully prepared for any circumstances but at the same time, we don’t want to have aching backs and be dragging luggage bags. So I listed down the essentials to pack in your carry-on bag.

Pack Light

You will be walking a lot during your trip and the last thing you want to experience is an aching back and feet. So take care of them by packing light. There are more benefits to packing light which include:

  • Easier access to things when in a hurry
  • Easier to pack your stuff back
  • Easier storage
  • Extra space for souvenirs

Remember to pack ONLY the essentials.

What to pack

Wallet and passport – Something that you should never forget.

Electronics – Bring a maximum of 2 gadgets. One is your phone and one is either your laptop or tablet. If your work doesn’t require both items, it is better to bring either one of those.

Extra set of clothes – If you’re on a long flight, bringing an extra set of clothes and underwear is very important. Remember that clothing should also be light and travel-friendly.

Travel-sized toiletries – If you’re going to stay in a hotel/Airbnb afterward, then the most essential things to pack are a toothbrush, toothpaste, and moisturizer (skin care). Most toiletries are given in such places and you can always go to the local store to buy shower products. But it depends on what you prioritize the most.

Jacket – It tends to be chilly on the plane so bring your comfiest, not so heavy jacket to keep you warm.

Best bag option

Personally, I would recommend a simple backpack as a carry-on mainly because I want the weight on my shoulders to be even. Besides the shoulder issue, you can always add your smaller, everyday bag if you don’t want it squished in your luggage. There are lists as to why backpacks are the best carry-on bag for the majority of people. But I am not limiting you with options. You can always go with a duffle bag, a sling bag or simply your everyday bag. When choosing the perfect carry-on bag, remember these three points:

  • Lightness and Structure (Is it easy to carry around?)
  • Spaciousness and Zipper (Can I put my essentials without trouble?)
  • Price (Am I willing to use it to its full extent?)

Going on a trip can go in two ways: exciting or stressful. We want to be comfortable but at the same time, we want to be prepared especially with what to bring. Throughout my travel journey, I discovered that a way to have an exciting trip is by packing light. Pack only the essentials like wallet and passport, 2 gadgets, an extra set of clothing, toiletries, and a comfy jacket. You will be walking a lot during your trip, so take care of your back and feet.

Share your flight essentials on the comment box below!



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