Cleansing Your Mind

Is there something that is bugling on your mind? There are times when I would just remember past events that make me question my acts. I would also worry about something that might or might not happen in the future. When this happens, here are the three things I do to get rid of distressing thoughts.

Write & Delete

I would type out my worrying thoughts on my phone and hit delete. I noticed that once it got deleted, I forget the things I wrote immediately. If writing it down electronically doesn’t work, then use an actual pen and paper, crumple it and throw it in a bin. That’s how people usually do it. But because I have too many thoughts going through my head, I realized that using my gadgets is a more sustainable way to execute it.


Another option is to breathe deeply. I do this for 3-5 minutes. While breathing, I try to detect my breathing pattern, or I simply count my breathing in a given minute. This act has helped me to bring back my focus and avoid daydreaming.


I mean this is the final thing that you should be thinking after doing the two options. Remember that nothing will happen if you don’t act, so just think about what you can do in the present and work on it.

We all experience moments when we just suddenly think about the past and the future. But sometimes, it seems like we can’t get out of these thoughts. When this happens, try to write down everything that’s worrying you and immediately delete, breathe deeply while counting your breathing pattern for 3-5 minutes, and start working.



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