The Three Steps to Success

Most of us have the question of how to be successful in life. But I think the question that we should be asking ourselves is “what exactly is our purpose?” I discovered a year ago that my plan to become successful is lacking. Until I heard a talk from Anthony Pangilinan; a business management consultant, about the core concepts to success.

According to Anthony P., most people don’t realize that whenever they’re listing their goal, they always start with what they want to HAVE. A lot of times, people with this thinking ends up being misled or do not know the purpose of what they do. In the end, they don’t feel happy and accomplished. So in his theory, your core concept should be arranged as BE-DO-HAVE.


To me, BE means to BECOME. If you read my previous blog about the new psychology of success, you would understand that becoming is better than being. Think of becoming as what your purpose in life is. Meaning, you’re doing it to grow and not to validate yourself to others. For example, instead of I want to have a nice body, I’d rather say I want to become healthy. So instantly, I would have an idea that would push me to work for myself and not for the interest of others. One of my philosophies in life is to not settle for short-term happiness alone. I would rather work on what will make me happy eternally than work on something that will only make me happy within weeks or months. Maybe you can apply this philosophy to help you with this core concept.


Now that you know what your purpose is, do the work. But don’t just do the work through effort alone. I think that I can apply the learnings from the book ‘Mindset’ in this category. In this book, I learned that I have to know my strengths from the three pillars of effort (rich, educated or connected), and work my way up from there. By doing this, I’d know which work will lead me to my purpose. As Peter Drucker; the father of management said, “Be purposefully opportunistic when seeking for opportunities.”


As most entrepreneurs say, if you do what you love, then you wouldn’t have to worry about getting what you want. Which is true but in a different logic. I think the BE-DO-HAVE concept teaches us to work on our purpose and live in the idea of purpose. I believe that it will teach us the importance of self-love and lessen the thought of envy. I mean I have a long way to go before reaching this stage so I wouldn’t really know. But that’s just how I feel about it.

The majority of the people start their goal with what they want to have. But I discovered that having this mentality does not lead to success. What I learned from Anthony Pangilinan’s talk is that you have to BE before you do, you have to DO before you HAVE. We may have different interpretations of this but in my term:


It may seem like a lot to learn, but if you take one step at a time, you’d understand the importance of the BE-DO-HAVE concept.



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