The Three Pillars of Effort

Most of us think that effort equates to success. But as I continue to read the book Mindset, I discovered that we do not achieve our goal by effort alone.

According to Carol Dweck; author of the book, people have different sources and opportunities. Some have the money, some have access to good education and some have network of influential friends. These people stand a better chance of having their effort pay off.


It can be the people who have inherited money from their great grandparents or those whose parents have established a savings fund. These are the people who can experience life to the fullest without financial issues. Surely, a lot of people associate them to be the lucky ones. If you think about it, they can easily pay for a higher education (if they’d want to) and may have a better range of connections with the number of events or new places they’ve been to.


This is the kind of person a lot of low to middle-class individuals aspire to be with the thought of becoming wealthy. Every year, a lot of students graduate from all universities because they believe that education will lead them to more opportunities. Even for a government, investment in education is one of the safest and surest ways to improve the economic condition of the country. But being educated isn’t about school alone. One can be considered educated if he/she has mastered a subject through research and testing. To me, an educated person can also simply be someone with a humbling character and good morals.


If you’re someone who is close with a lot of motivated and influential individuals, then you’re big in connections. Being connected to a great number of influential people can easily lead you to a lot of opportunities. The majority of people in business have stated that having connections is the best asset to have because people would rather meet or work with someone familiar instead of testing out if this new person is a good fit or not. But make sure to always keep in touch with them once you’ve achieved your own version of success.

As I continue to read the book Mindset, I discovered that people should either be rich, educated or connected. For the rich, they have the financial freedom to be educated and stay connected. For the educated, they have the knowledge that can lead them to better opportunities both in work, business and eventually be surrounded by influential people. Lastly, the connected have the people who can provide them with countless opportunities to become educated and wealthy. You see, these three pillars are connected mainly because of their strengths. Once you’ve discovered your strength and mixed it with effort, then your version of success will come through.

So which one are you?



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