The New Psychology of Success

Three years ago, I was a very insecure teenager who would say no to everything. But reading a book about mindset changed the way I think about myself and others.

Validating vs. Developing

The book ‘Mindset’ by Carol Dweck, Ph.D. taught me that mindset is a powerful belief, and that there are two types of thinking. One is fixed and one is growth. I learned that a fixed mindset is proving that you are smart or have achieved success. It is as if you’re validating yourself. In contrast, a growth mindset is about stretching your learning capability. Developing yourself. Everyone is born with an intense drive to learn. Do you see how toddlers always learn a skill every single day? Though it seems like they’re taking a small step, it makes a difference. We can tell that they’re improving. But what stops them from improving as they grow old? Turns out that it’s because of a fixed mindset. As children start to evaluate themselves, they become scared of opportunities. Having a fixed mindset is not at all bad. In fact, there are some who finds success even in the midst of having this mindset. But it has a limit. With a growth mindset on the other hand, it helps people to go over their learning capacity. They believe that becoming is better than being.

Taking the first steps

The most difficult part of doing is starting. And starting comes with a PLAN. What I learned from the book is that mainly vowing is often useless. You can’t just say I will try to wake up early tomorrow and be productive because you will most likely not. Rather, visualize on how you will achieve your plan. Be concise about it. Instead of waking up early tomorrow, ask yourself what time do you want to be awake and how do you plan to do that. And instead of just being productive, what actually makes you feel productive? How many hours do you think that will take and how do you plan to achieve that. Remember, becoming is better than being.

The success aftermath

Once you have achieved your goal, never think of settling. Because as we have been saying, a growth mindset continues to learn. Think of it as a new challenge, and this new challenge is maintaining it. Remember that the world is always changing, so always find a way to keep up, and believe in the beauty of constantly BECOMING.

Reading the book ‘Mindset’ by Carol Dweck, Ph.D changed the way I think of my life and others. It made me realize that when taking action, the mindset takes a big part in accomplishing it. I learned that a healthier way to deal with life is by developing instead of mainly validating yourself. Developing starts with a plan, and by plan means a concrete plan. And once success hits, I should always remember to take on new challenges and maintain the process of learning. Because at the end of the day, BECOMING is better than BEING.



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