What it means to be HAPPY

We’re living in this world with a goal to find true happiness. But what does it really mean to be happy?


Happiness Perceived by the Media

Believe it or not, but true happiness is rarely seen in the media. Take social media as an example.

You may be looking at a friend’s vacation post thinking, “Wow, she’s living a happy life.”But that isn’t true happiness.

You may have scrolled through your cousin’s feed and saw a newly purchased house thinking, “Yup, she made it in life.”

But that also isn’t true happiness.

You see, most movies and shows today always classify social and work-success as a way to be truly happy. We were being lied to the idea that materialistic things equate to success, while success translates true happiness.

Short Term vs. Long Term Happiness

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the things mentioned above don’t or will not bring any sort of happiness to you.

In fact, it brings joy, but in a short-term case.

Meaning, the happiness is temporary. Once you have achieved getting what you want, you’ll feel happy on the first week or two, and then you’ll suddenly crave for more to bring back that happiness.

But we do not wish to live with temporary happiness. And that’s why you are reading this today because you want to know what long term happiness is.

The True Meaning of Happiness

Here’s the trick. For how long do you feel happy when acquiring what you want? How about when making the people around you happy? Which one outweigh? Think simply.

Based on Matthew Kelly, an international speaker, and consultant, true happiness can be acquired by doing an act of kindness.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have stopped believing that there is good in others because we’re accustomed to focusing more on ourselves. But the truth is, doing any kind act to others even once a day can transform you into a better version of yourself.

How can you provide a simple act of kindness every day?

Well, you can achieve that by simply encouraging others, by being respectful, by being grateful or even by listening. Always take these actions into consideration and I’m very sure that you’ll find true happiness.

Everyone has a goal to be happy. Unfortunately, we are brainwashed into thinking that happiness can solely be acquired by getting the things we want.

But we should consider that true happiness will be applicable once we have learned to be kind to others. By simply listening, respecting or showing gratitude to others, you can create a few acts of kindness in your everyday life.

Try to think simple and find the happiness you deserve!



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