How to Pack Efficiently

Last week, I got to spend the whole week at home and took this chance to pack for an exciting family trip.

Here are 5 tips on how to pack efficiently.

Tip 1: Know your itinerary

Having an idea of what places and activities to experience will help you plan on what necessities to bring. Though unplanned trips are more fun, making an itinerary will help you be on track once you get to your destination.

Tip 2: Know the potential weather

This is the most crucial tip that you must follow. A lot of people struggle in terms of clothing because they do not know what to expect. Will it rain? Is it cold?

To help you decide what outfits to wear and to prevent yourself from spending your money right off the bat, check your weather app beforehand.

Tip 3: Write down the important details

Write down your itinerary, potential details, flight, place to stay, transportation and places to go to. This will help you in terms of the next tip.

Tip 4: Make a check list

I know that a lot of you are already doing this. But there may be times when you still forget something because you didn’t write down everything in your checklist. This is where “writing down the important details” takes place. Check your notes, think of the essentials that you will need and then write it down.

Tip 5: Take a photo of your OOTDs

This may be too much, but it has helped me a lot! Take a photo of the outfits that you will be wearing during the trip to know what clothes to bring. This will save you time before and during the trip. It will also save more space in your luggage because you’re only bringing the essentials!



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