You are forgetting to do this!

So far, we’ve been discussing about decluttering items that can be seen around the house.

I think it’s time to declutter this as well.

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Modern Decluttering

In today’s age, we are surrounded by gadgets. We’re always on our phones and laptops, documenting our lives. But have you thought of decluttering unnecessary apps, documents and files from these devices?

Computer files can be messy too

Remember when I told you that having a messy surrounding can result to a messy life? Well, that applies to using our gadgets as well.

Every semester, I noticed how cluttered my brain was whenever I see my computer screen with scattered homework files, screenshots and drafts.

It makes me think that I have so much to do and leaves me getting worried.

Declutter and Organize

To fix the issue, I decided to make a designated folder for each subjects, just like how I did it on my physical copies.

Once I’m done with a certain job, I would then transfer the files and drafts onto that folder, living me with just the tasks that I still need to accomplish.

Once I’m done with the semester, I’d transfer all of the folders into one folder specifying the semester and the year, and move it onto my USB.

This organizing tip has helped me to be on track and submit my tasks timely.

This tip also applies to using different apps as well.

Decluttering our physical possessions has been a thing. But we’re living in the modern world, and decluttering our techs should be considered as well.

By simply making a folder, deleting unnecessary apps/files and transferring it on a storage device, we’d have a clear mind even when using our gadgets.



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