The Word That Will Change Your Life

Life can’t be full of positive traits.

There are times when challenges overcome, leading us into a bad mood.

But there’s one word that we should always put in our heart and mind to move on with life.

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The word

It’s a word that speaks about what we currently have and what we used to have.

It is a way of expression that a lot of us tend to forget especially at times of hardship and envy.


My perspective

Being grateful is something I only thought of whenever good things happen to me.

And when something bad occurs, I forget about the word and stress on the problem.

That results in continuous blame on myself or the people around me, and not really fixing the actual problem.

But then I started a routine that changed my outlook in life, and that includes the topic of being grateful.

How to use it in your everyday lives

What I do as soon as I wake up is I would list down the things that I am grateful for.

This is the first step to my morning routine even before planning my schedule.

I do it every morning because nothing has happened yet, so it forces me to reflect on previous events and appreciate them.

Since I added this to my daily routine, I noticed that I am more understanding, positive, and I even became more productive with my work.

There are times when we start to envy others’ success and forget what we have accomplished.

In times of doubt, always remember to be grateful for the things and experiences you have received so far.

There are other people who would also want to be in your shoes, so be grateful for what you have and keep that in mind.



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