How to Effectively Use a Planner

This is like a continuation of Planning 101 because it relates to planning.

By now, everyone must have their planners ready but wonder how you can effectively use it. Here’s how:

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Plan More to Do More

In a piece of paper, list all of the important events and reminders that will be added to your planner.

It may be too extra to some, but doing this will make your plans easier to organize.

It is better to plan everything even if it’s already part of your daily routine.

That way, you will know how many hours you have left to do other errands.


Creating a symbol will be beneficial in a planner because it helps you detect which activities you should concentrate on first.

To help you start off, here are the symbols I use and the meaning behind them:

*Finish today/Urgent

->Do Tomorrow

•Not due until the end of this week

You can add as many symbols as you want as long as you can stick to them.


Of course, having a planner means helping you organize your time to do your chores. In short, you MUST DO your plans.

The purpose of your planner is to help prevent yourself from cramming and space out your events to reduce any occurring stress.

Planners are often overestimated. A lot of individuals who are using planners thought that it helps them be productive. But in reality, only a few follow their agenda.

But by following these steps:

  • Plan More to Do More
  • Symbols
  • DO IT

You will have the ability to effectively use your planner and have a productive day every day!



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