Planning 101

Our busy lives are composed of a three-step process: Planning, executing and finalizing.

One of these takes up 60% of our energy and time and is considered the fruit of our work.

You guessed it right, PLANNING.

Let me share to you my agenda story, lecture on the importance of planning and 3 steps to start your planning journey.

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My Agenda Story

I consider myself as an overly advanced planner. I’ll agree more to a week plan than a minute plan.

But I’m also one of those non-follower planners. I tend to plan all the things that I needed to do for the whole week and end up not even fulfilling half of it.

Through the years, I’ve been figuring out the best way to plan my schedule. I have the option of a traditional planner, a regular or phone calendar, and a bullet journal.

But besides that, I’ve also been trying to determine the steps that will help me fulfill these plans.

This year, I was able to find out the perfect strategy for me, and it may work out for you as well. I’ll share it in a minute.

Importance of Planning

Planning is very important in our lives. We’re either at school, work, starting a business or doing all.

And because we have a lot of endeavors to do in a day, there are things that we forget, may it be a school or work requirement, meeting with a client, having breakfast, or even having dinner with our family.

These situations often end up being stressful because we have to deal with the consequences. Consequences provide more work to handle, hence more work time needed. That may be a handful, but my point is, we need to have our busy and stressful lives figured out.

3 Steps to Start Planning

Of course, the first rule is you have to figure out the best planner for you (calendars, traditional yearly planner, a simple notebook, a phone).

In my case, I use the regular calendar to easily spot my events for the month, phone calendar for daily reminders and a bullet journal for weekly and daily tasks.

Now, onto the steps:

  1. Write down all the important events, even if it’s just a draft, every first day of the month.
  2. Have a certain symbol for your present and future work. These symbols will determine the importance of the work.
  3. Plan your day first thing in the morning.

Once you have everything sorted out, I’m 100% sure that your busy life won’t be as stressful as it seems.

Every second of our time is important. I’m very fortunate to be a planner at an early age because I value time and know that planning ahead will lead to success. So, if you’re just starting to plan, I suggest to follow these three steps:

  • Write down all the important events, even if it’s just a draft, every first day of the month
  • Have a certain symbol for present and future work
  • Plan your day first thing in the morning

To get your busy lives sorted out.

Let me know what you want me to tackle in our next self-improvement series in the comments section below! 🙂



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