Start Now

What I learned from an incredible man named Gary Vaynerchuk is to “Do what you love now while you’re young.”

Follow me on this success journey as we get inspired by the greatest speech, learn from my story and start working on our goals.

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The Ultimate Graduation Speech

This is the very first video I’ve seen of Gary Vaynerchuk and he instantly got me:


My Story

I’m in my senior year of college and like many graduating students, I still don’t know what to do in life. I have a lot of debates in my head along the lines of “Should I pursue that 9-5 job to have a stable income?”  or “Should I explore and work on what I really want to do?”

I know that both questions have consequences, but what I also learned along the run is that one way is better than the other.

That’s the reason why you’re seeing this blog today. That’s also the reason why I started this website. Because I followed the latter.


Follow Your Goal

My goal is to share my knowledge while traveling and learning.

I want to help others build a growth mindset and spread a word of motivation while I grow with them.

I want others to know that everything is possible if we follow what we believe in.

So I decided to START NOW and I hope you do too.

As Gary Vee stated, “You get to live life one time. The land grab of happiness starts right now.” So, I started my website and wrote this blog to spread the wonderful message.

I hope that you got inspired to START NOW.




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TEP is a passion project where Tep shares her travel journey, road to minimalism and tactics to having a growth mindset using words, photographs and videos.

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